It's HALFWAY to St. Patty's DAY! Irish Soups, Corned Beef Hash with Egg Grilled Cheese, Irish Fun! Tuesday, Sept 17th

Happy HALFWAY to St. Patty’s Day!!!

Soups on Tap TODAY

Tuesday, September 17th:



Potato & Spinach – VGL

Reuben Chowder

Green Split Pea with Ham – GL

Chicken and Leek – L

Cream of Chicken with Barley

Guinness Irish Stew – L

Irish Bacon & Cabbage – GL

Scotch Barley



Don’t forget to pair your SOUP up with a Gooey Grilled Cheese

and/or some AWESOME Belgian Fries 😉



Today’s SPECIAL Grilled Cheese:

Corned Beef Hash with EGG Grilled Cheese


R U ready to Taste some SOUP?

The Soup Cup a MicroSouperie

718 Munson Ave – East Bay Plaza

Traverse City, MI



In a rush?  No Soup Tasting wanted…just Call In your Order and head to the SOUP EXPRESS line!

                                                                                                    23 sauces for your FRIES……

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