Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Three Sisters of the Anasazi – VGL – 0.12%

Kielbasa Potato Chowder – 22.1%

Cream of Chicken Gone “Wild” Rice – 12.9%

Chicago Style Hot Chili – GL – 13.3%





FROZEN Fan Favorite SOUPS to YOU:

(Available in 16oz size ONLY)

**Veggie Veggie – VGL

**East African Sweet Pea – VGL

Canadian Cheese

Creamy Tomato – G

**Sedona Sunset Southwestern Black Bean – VGL

Chicken Noodle – L

Classical Cream of Chicken with Mirepoix


“Hackefleisch Suppe” (German Beef & Cheese) – G

Savory Beef Barley – L

**Nor’ Easters’ New England Clam Chowder

Big Bend Beef Chili – GL

**Limited Quantities – set to rotate off menu shortly…so GET SOME TODAY and StockUP!



Call In your Curbside Pickup Order starting at 10:30AM – 231-932-7687


Drive UP…Call UP…Place your order…Soup in 2 minutes to You!

(Just remember, Early Bird gets the Soup – so if you REALLY want a Specific Soup, just call in early and reserve it)





Here’s how Soup Cup will operate at this time:
Obviously, no more Soup Tastings, so we’re hoping your memories serve you well ?. Also, only Curbside Pickup, no inside service or dining.
And we’re going to have YOU tell us how much Soup you want us to make. What does that mean?
It means that “Hot Soup Now” will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY.  We will begin with 2 Soups and add quantities and varieties as YOU drive our business.
        Will the Soups be different every time? YES!
Will there be More and More Soups to buy? We sure hope so, but only YOU will drive that decision….so BUY SOUP! ?
Additionally, in a few weeks we will be adding a NEW Soup option for those of you who live out of driving distance or love a Specific Soup and want to have it in your freezer for when YOU want it.  Yes, we will sell 12 Souper Popular Soup Cup “FROZEN” Soups Online.
They will be available for purchase either for Curbside pickup or DELIVERY Nationwide! Wha? Yes, it’s TRUE…SOUP is coming to YOU! ?  More on this in a couple weeks…stay tuned.
But NOW let’s chat HOW “Hot Soup Now” will be available to YOU on Tuesdays and Thursdays:
  1. “Hot Soups Now” will be posted the day before, as usual on our website here, FB, Twitter and Instagram (@theSoupCup).
  2. To purchase “Hot Soups Now”, starting at 10:30AM the Soup phone lines open. CALL IN your Soup Order to 231-932-7687.
  3. Your Soup Order will be taken, paid for with your debit/credit card on that call, you will tell us WHEN you plan to PICK-UP your “Hot Soup Now”.
  4. We will dish up Soup orders in the order that they are received. That means the Early Bird Gets the SOUP!            As soon as the Soup is GONE, we will Post it.
  5. Calling for Soup is going to be a bit like calling for Concert tickets…if you don’t get through and get a “recording”, CALL, CALL Again!
  6. So let’s say you Call us at 11:15AM. You place your order for Soup pickup at 12:30PM. We will take and process your Soup order. When you arrive at 12:30PM you will call us to let us know that you have arrived. We will place YOUR Soup Order with Your Name on the bag on the Table by    All you have to do is come and grab the bag!
So, that’s “Hot Soup Now”.
The Faster YOU buy out our Soup, the MORE Soup we will make!
Get your phones ready, save 231-932-7687 in your Contacts.
On Monday we will post the 1st 2 “Hot Soups Now” and Tuesday at 10:30AM light up our phone lines and Let the Soup Begin! ?


The Soup Cup a MicroSouperie

718 Munson Ave – East Bay Plaza

Traverse City, MI


Soup Sizes - Regular (8oz); Large (16oz); Quart (32oz) and Flight of 3 Regular Soups (8oz x 3)

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